Sybase System Databases

Sybase System databases are and mandatory and required for running of the ASE server. Sybase System Databases are created at the time of ASE(Sybase) installation.

Following databases are installed at the time of Installation.

It stores the overall structure of the server.
At ASE(Sybase) startup, ASE knows exactly one thing: where to find the master database.
It contains existing databases and their locations.
Logins information permitted to connect.
master database backups must always be kept.
Should not store user data in master database.
master database contains system tables like syslogins, sysdevices, sysdatabases, sysservers, syslock, …

model database is template for new database creation.
When new user database is created, it receives the copy of all items.
New database size must be atleast as model database.
Any modifications done will be reflected in subsequent database creations.

tempdb is most heavily used database.
tempdb is used to hold non-permanent data.
Many processes creates will automatically creates work tables in tempdb to hold preliminary results before moving on to final processing.
Users can also create temporary tables in tempdb. But, these will be ended when user connection is ended.
All the temporary tables alwyas be dropped and rebuild from scratch every time ASE(Sybase) server is started.


When ASE is installed, it supplies stored procedures which are known as system stored procedures and are stored in sybsystemprocs database.
These stored procedures are used to and modify the system tables.
These stored procedures can be called from any database.

sybsystemdb used to track and coordinate distributed transactions.

Other Sybase System Databases:
Other Sybase System Databases are used by system for optional server capabilities. But they are absolutely not necessary to run the ASE server.
Other Sybase System Databases are sybsecurity, dbccdb, dbextend, dbcccalt.
These can installed by executing the scripts kept by ASE at the time of installation. Scripts location is /installation_directory/ASE-16_0/scripts.

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