Sybase Security Levels

There are 5 security levels in SAP ASE:
Operating System
Database objects access
Subobject access

1. Operating System-Level Security:
Access to ASE server through Operating System is managed without having direct access to the OS.
We need to know about the Operating System has to do with file permissions.
If user who wants to start ASE, then must have permissions to the devices upon which we will be placing data, as well as location for error log.

2. Server-Level Security:
This can be managed using a login and password.
If we create a login and didnt mention language, then it will be server default language.
SA controls the server-level resources.

3. Database-Level Secutiy:
When we add login, it just creates a row in syslogins table and grants access to the server.
The login does nto guarnatee access to any database other than master and tempdb databases.
If we want access user database, we have to add user to the database by using sp_adduser procedure.
use user_database
sp_adduser k2schooladmin

Adding user using sp_adduser adds user in sysusers table.

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