Sybase Roles Creation

User defined roles are created by administrator after installation. Before creating User defined roles, consider the following:

  • The roles we want to create
  • The responsibilities for each role
  • The position of each in the role hierarchy
  • Which roles in the hierarchy will be mutually exclusive
  • Whether such exclusively will be at the membership level or a activation level.

Syntax for Sybase Roles Creation

create tole role_name [with passwd “password”]


1> create role support_role
2> go

Assigning role to user:

1> grant role support_role to k2admin
2> go

To check the roles assigned to user:

1> sp_displaylogin k2admin
2> go
Suid: 3
Loginame: k2admin
Default Database: master
Default Language:
Auto Login Script:
Configured Authorization:
support_role (default OFF)
Locked: NO
Date of Last Password Change: Jan 14 2017 6:54PM
Password expiration interval: 0
Password expired: NO
Minimum password length: 6
Maximum failed logins: 0
Current failed login attempts: 0
Authenticate with: AUTH_DEFAULT
Login Password Encryption: SHA-256
Last login date:
Exempt inactive lock: 0

To drop role

1> drop role support_role
2> go

Create Role and assign permissions in Sybase

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