Sybase Guest User

“guest” user in a database enables any user with Sybase account to access the database as a guest user. If a user who has not been added to the database, Sybase looks for a guest user. If there is one, the user is allowed to access the database, with the permissions of the guest user.

The database owner can use sp_adduser to add a guest entry to the sysusers table of the database.

use my_database
sp_adduser guest

Now guest user is added to the my_database, now any user added to ASE server can access the master, tempdb and my_database with permissions of the guest user.
If we add guest user to model database, all databases created subsequently will contain a guest user.
Important: If we drop the guest user from the master database, server users who have not yet been added to any databases cannot log in to Adaptive Server.

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