Sybase Aliases

An alias is mechanism within a database to allow multiple users to like the same user. This mechanism is often used so that more than one user can assume the role of database owner. This is not recommended in production environment. But, this is useful in development environment environment.Alias is database specific.

How to add Alias: We can add alias to the database using sp_addalias.

sp_addalis login_name, loginname_in_database

loginame – is the name of the user who wants an alias in the current database. This user must have an account in Adaptive Server but cannot be a user in the current database.

loginname_in_database – is the name of the database user to whom the user specified by loginame is to be linked. The name_in_db must exist in sysusers in the current database.


sp_addalias geomac, andrkev

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