How to login to database in Sybase

Creating login with sp_addlogin means just added login in Adaptive server. Nothing can be done with adding login. We can login into the Adaptive server and even we cant access the default database mentioned at the time of login creation.

To access the database objects, update, delete the any data, we have to add user in the database using sp_adduser procedure.


How to change default device in Sybase

After installation of ASE(Sybase), master device is the default device. This has to be changed immediately after installation of ASE(Sybase) to avoid allocate user database space to master device. We can do that by executing stored procedure sp_diskdefault. Before run this stored procedure, create the device first.

If we want to change the current device to another, first we have to off the current device using parameter defaultoff. Then, we have to execute the sp_diskdefault with defaulton option. If we have to follow these two points otherwise no changes will be done.

For example, if we create simple database without specifying the device information then it uses default database. Below syntax uses master device as default until we change it specific device.

CREATE database k2school

How to change default device in Sybase


Sybase is relational database management system(RDBMS). Sybase is also known Adaptive Server Enterprise. Which is used to manage relational databases. Sybase founders are Mark Hoffman, Bob Epstein of Britton Lee, Inc., Jane Doughty, and Tom Haggin. From 2010, Sybase is a SAP product.

SAP Sybase

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