What is interfaces file in sybase

An interfaces file contains network information about all servers on your network, including SAP ASE, Backup Server, and XP Server, plus any other server applications, such as Replication Server, and any Open Server applications. The interface file is part of open-client/server(OCS) of ASE.

Content Interfaces file:
what is interfaces file in sybase

Interfaces file contains two types of lines
1) Master lines
2) Query lines

Master lines:Master lines are used by server applications to listen for queries over the network. This information is also called a listener service.

master tcp ether localhost 5000
query tcp ether localhost 5000

Query lines:Query lines are used by client applications to connect to servers over the network. This information is also called a query service.

master tcp ether localhost 5001
query tcp ether localhost 5001

If all of our server products are running on the same platform(linux(solaris,redhat,…),windows), then we can create one master interfaces file and copy that file to each machine,

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