How to check database is having guest user or not Sybase

If we add login to ASE means, login can only access to master and tempdb. If user wants to access the ‘xyz’ database without adding user, alternative way is guest user. If the user database is having guest user, then login can access the database with the permissions of the guest user.

How to add guest user to the database ‘xyz’

Sybase interfaces file location Linux

interfaces files is one of key files in in SAP ASE. Which contains server name, port number.

Default location of interfaces file in Linux is /Installed Directory/interfaces.

In my environment:

How to Create a Master interfaces File

What is master interfaces file?
A master interfaces file stores of all SAP servers on the network.

Why master interfaces file?

What is interfaces file in sybase

An interfaces file contains network information about all servers on your network, including SAP ASE, Backup Server, and XP Server, plus any other server applications, such as Replication Server, and any Open Server applications. The interface file is part of open-client/server(OCS) of ASE.

Content Interfaces file:
what is interfaces file in sybase

Interfaces file contains two types of lines
1) Master lines
2) Query lines

How to restart database in Sybase

We can shutdown inviducal database using DBCC DBREBOOT to clear a problem which is impacting the database. We can restart or shutdown one or more databases at a time.

Note:The DBCC DBREBOOT command should be used with caution, and it must not be considered as fail-safe. There are many different circumstances under which a database might need a reboot. Be aware it terminates running tasks and it is not always possible for ASE(Sybase) to completely cleanup these processes.

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